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George M. Northrup, MD, Tampa Suboxone founder.

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Founded in 2002, by George M. Northrup, MD, this practice is the home of Tampa's only brain doctor. We specialize in providing care for all aspects of the brain's role in attention, emotion, and addiction. Dr. Northrup understands the need for consistent care.

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Opiod addiction treatment, Tampa. Opiates whether prescription drugs or illegal narcotics are highly addictive. Tampa Suboxone, founded by George Northrup, M.D. offers patients opiod addiction treatment such as suboxone treatments and behavioral modifications.

What's Opioid Addiction?

Opioid addiction is an addiction to any substance that contains opiates whether legal or illegal. Prescription drug addiction is a disease that affects your brain and causes changes in your moods and behavior.

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Opiate Detox Tampa, Florida

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Are you searching for Drug Treatment resources? The following link can provide you with Tampa area addiction treatment information including opiate detox in our Tampa office.

Tampa Opiate Addiction on the Rise

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