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Dr. George M. Northrup Treats Your Addiction With Professional Compassionate Care. If you are abusing and/or addicted to any of the substances below you should consider attending drug rehab in Tampa, Florida.


Anorectic Drugs
Club Drugs
Crack Cocaine
Crystal Meth
MDMA / Ecstasy


There Is Help in Finding a Cure for Your Addiction in Tampa.


What is Drug Rehabilitation



Drug rehabilitation is the process of teaching a person how to "live" sober without the drugs or alcohol they are addicted to. If you have reached this website, you are either looking for a Tampa drug rehab facility because you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol that you feel may require seeking outside professional assistance with your addiction or you have a loved one who is battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Setting an appointment to speak confidentially to a Tampa addiction specialist who can assist you with drug rehab or other addiction is a step in the right direction to a successful rehab.


Tampa Drug Rehabs


There are many drug rehab facilities in the Tampa bay area but often traditional rehab alone isn't enough for some people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Drug and alcohol addiction is largely a mental struggle and it makes sense that consulting with >a Tampa psychiatrist to get a drug or alcohol assessment would be the first step to the recovery for an addict. Those who are addicted to substances can be very afraid and insecure about entering a Tampa drug rehab facility. Your fears about quitting drugs and alcohol can be alleviated and there are many ways to handle an individual's rehabilitation from substance abuse. The first step is admission and taking responsibility for your treatment, but you do not have to pursue drug rehab alone.

Never Give up on Recovery



Many people who are addicted to drugs often wait until they have reached rock bottom before seeking help. Often times, legal troubles or family ultimatums may cause an addict to be "sent" to a Tampa rehab. Studies show that if an addict is forced to get help before admitting there is a problem, chances are the attempt for rehabilitation from substance abuse will fail. If you've been in this situation, or have tried traditional rehab and failed, consulting with Dr. Northrup, Tampa psychiatrist may be the answer to getting a second (or third or fourth) chance. Recovery is a lifetime commitment for the addict because of the nature of the disease of some addictions and alcoholism. Although there may be multiple attempts at drug rehab, you should never give up on getting sober. You have to do what works for you and often times a drug rehab specialist like Dr. George Northrup can provide drug rehab that's private, confidential and counseling that is tailored to your particular needs. It's often very scary for an addict to seek treatment, whether it be in-patient or out. Dr. Northrup understands the fears that a drug addict or alcoholic must face and the physical and emotional challenges that the addict must endure. You don't have to face this challenge alone. With compassionate care and the use of therapy and even medication, your addiction can be managed successfully. Remember, never give up on getting help for substance abuse or alcohol addiction.


Traditional Tampa Rehab or Outpatient Drug Counseling?


Whether you seek a traditional rehab center or a rehab specialist like psychiatrist, Dr. George M. Northrup, you've made the first step by admitting you have an addiction. The next step is to call our office in Tampa to set an appointment with Dr. Northrup who can, together with you determine the best course of treatment for your drug or alcohol abuse and subsequent treatment. Contact Dr. George M. Northrup for our office for a consultation and Dr. Northrup will get you on your way to a successful rehabilitation.


Dr. George Northrup, Tampa Helps You to Obtain and Maintain Your Sobriety.



Drug rehabs in Tampa and drug addiction counseling can provide opportunity to the addict by teaching them skills, therapy and drug and alcohol counseling. Dr. Northrup will determine the cause of your addiction and teach you how to focus >on taking charge of your life while managing your responsibilities including things you must do to maintain sobriety. You may benefit from both traditional group settings and meetings as well as from speaking to a Board Certified psychiatrist who can utilize a combination of techniques to help you beat your addiction and begin to live a full, healthy life without drugs or alcohol.

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Whether you are seeking rehab for alcohol, illegal or prescription drug addictions such as opiate addiction, Dr. Northrup, located in Tampa Florida offers drug rehab and addiction treatment services that will help you recover from your addiction in a compassionate, descrete environment. Read Dr. Northrup's reviews and then make the step to become a healthy, more productive you. Highly trained as a brain doctor, with intensive experience treating addiction and providing rehab services, Dr. Northrup has the knowledge and experience to assist you with every aspect of your mental health utilizing counseling, nutrition or,  if necessary, medication to help you beat your addiction disease.

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